Coronavirus: Lockdown lives behind each door – BBC News

Latest video release about Coronavirus. Have a look at this “Coronavirus: Lockdown lives behind each door – BBC News” video below: Since the lockdown started, back in March, we’ve been telling ourselves that we’re “all in this together”. With local Whatsapp groups offering help and support, …..(read more)

Crew members weigh COVID-19 trauma as they decide whether to return

Princess Cruises crew member Gan Sungaralingum has spent the last two months taking care of his elderly parents, eating home- cooked meals, and doing what he loves most: walking on the beach near his home in Mauritius. But instead of returning to his position as an onboard watch salesman after a few months of rest at home, he’s leaving the industry. “Maybe I’ll come back…

Canada to donate extra COVID-19 vaccines to poorer nations

OTTAWA/GENEVA – Canada, which has reserved enough doses to vaccinate residents against COVID-19 several times over, is in talks with other governments about a plan to donate shots to lower-income countries, according to three sources familiar with the matter. Canada has made deals to buy more doses per capita than any other nation, according to researchers at the Duke Global Health Innovation Center in North…

Joe Biden started tearing up after talking to a nurse about treating COVID-19 patients in ICU

Joe Biden and his son, Beau, in 2008. PAUL J. RICHARDS/AFP via Getty Images President-elect Joe Biden teared up when talking to an ICU nurse about her experience treating COVID-19 patients.  “You got me emotional,” Biden said on a video call with frontline workers. “Anyone who spent significant time in ICU, like I did for months, … observed the incredible mental strain on nurses in…

Fox News panel erupts at a liberal guest for saying it’s ‘not time to joke’ about COVID-19 as US deaths...

A Fox News panel Wednesday on COVID-19 restrictions for Thanksgiving got testy when a liberal guest called out the others for joking about the virus. Fox News After a Fox News panel traded memes and banter mocking COVID-19 restrictions in some states heading into Thanksgiving, the discussion got testy. “It’s not a joke, first of all. A bunch of people are dying every day in…

Pfizer’s and Moderna’s vaccines likely work for all existing coronavirus strains. Don’t worry about mutations for now, scientists say.

Mustafa Gerek participates in a coronavirus vaccine trial at Ankara City Hospital in Ankara, Turkey, October 13, 2020. Aytac Unal/Anadolu Agency via Getty Images The coronavirus vaccine candidates from Pfizer and Moderna both prevented COVID-19 in clinical trials. Research suggests the coronavirus is genetically stable, which means it mutates very slowly. So the leading vaccines should work well long-term against all strains of the virus….

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