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Qualities of a Wise Leader

Solomon is no longer exploring and writing about the various experiences and pursuits of worldly living, which have left him unfulfilled and depressed. He now turns his attention to leadership and the qualities that leaders need to possess.

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Special Message for Pastors 2017 – Francis Chan

Pastors have one of the hardest callings of God on their lives. Pastor are you making it? Are you thriving or just surviving? This message of encouragement is for you, and others please share this with your pastor. This message is from the Barna group. All rights belong to them.

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Pastors & Leaders – Francis Chan

We all need encouragement! Especially those who are working in ministry! Pastor Francis Chan gives shares who we are to encourage and strengthen each other. We are all working for Christ and all need help. We all need to rest and lift up those in need. Uploaded with Permission!

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13th Floor “Abortion” Burgundy

When you enter the elevator of a high rise building you will seldom find the button for the 13th floor. It is because of fear, superstition, or ignorance, that we pretend it doesn’t exist. The “13th floor” issues of abortion, sexual abuse, sex trafficking, and the sanctity of human life …

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Bumper Sticker Theology, Part 1 –

Dr. Daniel Wallace, Professor of New Testament Studies, DTS, explains that Christian leaders need to know to what degree they can know what the Bible says. Download Slides (PDF) Comments: http://www.dts.edu/media/play/bumper-sticker-theology-part-1-b-wallace-ph-d–daniel/?adsource=TUBE_chapel Request Info: http://www.dts.edu/admin/requestinfo/?adsource=TUBE_chapel Support DTS: http://www.dts.edu/supporters/waystogive/?adsource=TUBE_chapel

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