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Day #2 and #3

The lesson describes the creation of the “heavens” and the peculiar atmosphere that existed in the pre-flood era.

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The Punishment of Cain

This passage looks at the result of Cain’s sin and the punishment meted out to him by God. (4:9-24) Study the Book of Genesis for Free: http://bibletalk.tv/genesis

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Flood Details

In this lesson we get a “close-up” view of the final preparations for the impending flood and physical details concerning the cause and destructive power of this cataclysmic event. (Genesis 7:1-24)

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Abraham: Father of a Nation

http://bibletalk.tv/abraham-father-of-a-nation With the beginning of chapter 12 the book of Genesis focuses once again on one specific individual. This time the writers will detail the life of Abraham who was to become the father of the Jewish nation and how the Seed of Promise was kept alive through him. (Genesis …

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