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The Key to the Christian Life – Dr. Charles Stanley

Who is going to run your life: you, or Jesus Christ who lives within you?

Suicide: The Impact on Believers – Dr. Charles Stanley

**If you or someone you know is contemplating suicide due to medically-diagnosed or life crises, please contact professional help immediately.** In spite of all...

Building Truth into Your Life – Dr. Charles Stanley

Truthfulness is an essential character quality for believers. When it's lacking, both individuals and nations begin to crumble internally. In this sermon, Dr....

I Am Saved – Now What? – Dr. Charles Stanley

We focus a lot on salvation, and for good reason. Without it, we're doomed to an eternity separated from God. But we often...

An Introduction to Jesus – Dr. Charles Stanley

Jesus came to earth as a human being to identify with our struggles and to redeem us from sin through His sacrifice on...

Waiting on God’s Timing, Part 1 – Charles F. Stanley

Broadcast for the week beginning November 30, 2014. God loves us and desires to meet the needs of our lives. He promises to...

The Stages of Our Faith – Dr. Charles Stanley

Throughout Scripture, it is evident that God honors faith. Our wholehearted belief in the Lord is important because when we truly place our...
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