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The City and Church of Ephesus

In this lesson we look at the city and culture of Ephesus and the impact it had on the book of Ephesus. We’ll discuss reasons why the Letter to the Ephesian Church was written by Paul and we’ll use this book to look at the Character of the Church.

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Review of Re-Baptism

In this lesson, we follow the strand of Baptism from John the Baptist to Jesus to Jesus’ Disciples. We also answer tough questions about Baptism like: Did John’s disciples receive the Holy Spirit and were the Apostles re-baptized after Pentecost.

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Ephesians Bible Study

This is the first lesson of a 13 part series through the Book of Ephesians. In this lesson we will discuss the author Paul and his life and journeys leading up to the writing of this Book. We also will cover the history of the Church in Ephesus and discuss …

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The Gospel of Luke Ch. 9-19

In this video we explore the central part of Luke’s Gospel which recounts Jesus’ long road-trip to Jerusalem. He continues his controversial announcement of good news for the poor, which increases his conflict with Israel’s religious leaders. This tension provides the setting for the famous parable of the Prodigal Son …

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Public Reading of Scripture

Reading the Bible aloud with a group of people is a really ancient practice. In fact, the origins of the Bible are rooted in its being read aloud in public. Explore with us the origins and development of this fascinating biblical topic, and how it offers us a model for …

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