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Adrian Rogers v. James White on Calvinism (Radio Free Geneva)

This is the second edition of Radio Free Geneva on Youtube. In this edition, Dr. James White critiques a sermon presented by Dr. Adrian Rogers that gives many of the fallacies and inconsistencies those who do not hold to the Reformed faith usually commit. These errors include believing that the word “foreknow” is a noun, taking out words from Scripture like Matt. 23:37 to defend one’s tradition, and thinking that unless a man’s will is free, they are robots. This has been touted as very helpful by several people who have heard it because of Dr. White’s refutations then explanations. The listener call-in section at around the last half hour or so is helpful, too. There was another part to this that was in a later episode of RFG. This should be posted soon.

The original broadcast was August 31st, 2002.



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