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Mike Mazzalongo Devos

Rewards of Repentance

It seems that we often overlook the true rewards of what the Bible refers to as repentance. The scriptures extol the virtues of faith, perseverance and the doing of good, but upon careful reading we find that repentance can be the most valuable of all the spiritual exercises.

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Make Me a Servant

One of the most popular devotional songs is the one that asks God to “Make me a servant.” The melody is beautiful and the words pierce through to the very core of the character of Jesus and the Christian faith. When we sing this song do we know what we …

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Breaking Me Softly

Recently, as I reviewed my day in prayer, the Lord revealed a sinful condition in my soul. At first, I was ashamed to admit it, but as I accepted the truth, I realized that God’s admonition is a wonderful thing because it yields so many benefits.

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Holy Hunger

Mike Cope, in his book Holy Hunger, describes two barriers that Christians face in satisfying their holy hunger for God and results in their spiritual death.

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Slow to Surrender

Ever notice that surrendering to the Lord is a slow process? It usually begins with an admission that He is God, and you are not, something fairly obvious to the casual observer but many times there is a long winding road of denial and resistance before this truth finally breaks …

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