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Guidelines With Harold Sala


If you have taken the time to read the last chapter of Paul’s insightful letter to Christians at Rome, you have probably stumbled over the list of some 26 names that you find there about like you do when you hit traffic bumps in the pavement going too fast in …

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In their book Leaders, Warren Bennis and Burt Nanus see five skills shared by 90 of the world’s most successful businessmen. Whatever these men don’t have in common, the authors noted with surprise that almost all of them are deeply committed to the institution of marriage and are still married …

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HIS TIMING by Harold Sala

With cancer consuming his lungs and his bones, David Prueitt, then 42 years of age, lost hope that life would ever be worth living. On a day which changed the course of his life, he swallowed a cupful of applesauce mixed with the bitter power of 100 barbiturate pills. He …

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MARRIAGE by Harold Sala

Warren Bennis and Burt Nanus wrote a book entitled Leaders: The Strategies for Taking Charge. Published by Harper and Row this secular book describes different styles of leadership. In gleaning the material for this quite interesting book, the authors interviewed 90 of the world’s top chief executive officers of major …

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